After Burning


Original footage and sound

Three-channel HD video and sound installation

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Duration: 21 minutes loop



The installation After Burning was created for my solo exhibition at The Glasgow Project Room in January 2013.


The three video loops – Red Flicker, Forest Fire and Driving Past / Looking Inside / Looking Outside – have different durations, creating an asynchronous non-repeating pattern in the installation. The Red Flicker video has the same duration and is synched with the soundscape and intensifies over time in relation to the sonic experience. The installation further explores the affect of flicker on mood, perception and emotion.


On this occasion I was working with and digitally transformed a short sound clip that was recorded in connection with the moving image while driving on a grit road, to create a sonic experience that changed in mood over time – a journey through time, place and memory.


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